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3GMM1000 Gantry milling machine Feature Description: High-strength structural frame, modular combination mounting structure Heavy-duty linear guides and ball screws effectively ensure cutting accuracy锛孹, Y axis two-way automatic feed, Z-axis direction manual feed Various installation methods for horizontal installation and vertical installation Wide processing range, maximum milling length up to 5000mm Equipped with height digital display in the vertical direction to effectively control cutting depth Milling power unit uses high-power hydraulic power for high cutting efficiency Parameter: X axis1000mm Y axis1000mm Z axis150mm X/Y feedAuto feed Z feedManually X powerElectric driver unit Y powerElectric driver unit Milling head drive(Z)Hydraulic power unit锛?5HP(18.5434KW) Milling head speed0-590 Milling head spindle taper40# Cutting diameter160mm Milling head displayHigh precision digital caliper Component drawing ITEMPORT PICTUREDESCRIPTION 1X liner guide:1set锛?pcs锛?/p> Max stroke:1000mm Auto feed drive锛欵lectric motor Auto feed way锛歊ack and pinion drive 2Y RAM锛?set Max stroke锛?000mm Auto feed drive锛歟lectric motor Auto feed way锛歊ack and pinion drive Milling head vertical stroke: 100mm 3Milling head fixed linear guide: 1 set Vertical stroke:200mm Equipped with digital caliper It can be mounted at 0掳-90掳-180掳 angle. 4Milling head锛?set Spindle taper锛歂T40 Spindle speed锛?-590rpm(BG100) 0-1220rpm(BG50)锛圤ptional锛?/p> 5Hydraulic power unit锛?set Equipped with double motor drive, supply milling head power, address the requirements of ,Z feeding,equipped with 2 pcs hydraulic tubing,equipped with remote controlling box, with 10m controlling wire. 6Hydraulic motor锛?unit锛坢ade in Italy锛?/p> One for milling head, another 2 units for X and Y auto feed , with quick connector 7Milling cutter锛?unit Cutting diameter:200mm 8Cone shank锛? units Address the cutter and milling cutter demands 9cutters锛?box锛?0pcs锛?/p> 10X mounting magnets, used to install a fixed main bed to fit for gantry milling requirements. 11X Rail coupling plate锛?units 12Packing锛? unit Hydraulic motor parameterChina Gantry Milling Machine website:http://www.portable-tools.com/milling-machine/gantry-milling-machine/

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