Title: three tiny tuxedo kittens - for sale InDenton, Texas

Cats in Denton,Texas
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Denton cats
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We have three beautiful black-and-white female kittens, eight weeks old, rescued from the outside world where they were little more than prey. They were brought inside with their mama when they were a couple of weeks old and nurtured until they were weaned. Now they are eating well, litter trained, and socialized. You would never know they were rescue kitties. Their brothers have all gone to their forever homes, and they are waiting for homes of their own.

The kittens have had their first vaccinations, worming, and Frontline Plus flea protection. They come with their vaccination certificates, a piece of their litter blanket, and their favorite kitten toys. The rehoming fee is $50 (about a $100 value at a vet, plus the time this will save you).

Female 1 (Grouchino) is the sweetest, most alert and people-oriented of the three. Shes the first to come to us when we walk in the door of their room. She knows shes the Ugly Duckling of the bunch so she makes up for it with her sweet personality. Her little mustache makes her unique, and we think shell grow into a lovely cat.

Female 2 (Harpino) is pretty laid-back, we think she will be a cuddler. She does love to play with her sisters, but is the first to think its time for a nap. Shell go to sleep in our laps after a lot of pets, and was the first to purr. She is the biggest of the three, with big paws, so we think she will grow up to be a big cat.

Female 3 (Chicino) is the live wire of the group. She is the most playful and active, thats why her pictures are blurry, she wont stay still for long! But when we pick her up, she wants to check out our faces and try to give us kisses! Shes the smallest of the three, but we think its because she burns off so many calories!

Give these little babies a chance at the life they wouldnt have had if theyd been left out in the wild. It will make your heart feel good, and you will have a loving member of your family to show for it.

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Denton cats
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